Amps. Anecdotes. Annihilation (2016)

“Amps. Anecdotes. Annihilation., released at the tail end of last month, is a six-song EP that, as the band’s first official release, showcases the no-bullshit heavy rock vibe that defines supercorrupter. Full of stoner-rock riffing and plenty of fuzz, these guys don’t ever take themselves too seriously, but it’s apparent that they are dead serious when it comes to cranking out fun rock ‘n roll tunes. In fact, in a lot of places here the vocals and arrangements remind me a lot of GWAR — minus all of the costumes and every bit of gimmickry, of course. That might be primarily what GWAR are known for, but stripping away all of the pretense leaves a group of talented musicians who nimbly straddle the divide between punk rock and metal, while being well-versed in several other styles of music that tend to creep in here and there, adding distinctive color and flavor to each song.

Between the weird outer space noises that introduce opening track “Black Galaxy” and the reappearance of similar sounds at the conclusion of each of the last two tracks, “Souvenir” and “Versus the Volcano,” the band hits a variety of textures: from heavier stoner riffs in “Gutted” to the mellower guitars and semi-falsetto bluesy vocals that start off “Killing Buffalo”; from the fuzzy and just-a-touch psychedelic “Fast Times” to the slower fuzz-bass-intensive “Souvenir”; and finally “Versus the Volcano” with the introduction of Misfitsy “whoa-oaah” type background vocals. I think it’s fair to say that supercorrupter are not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but they’ve definitely succeeded in crafting well-written and solidly-performed material that sounds comfortable and familiar without ever feeling boring or rehashed, that’s surely as enjoyable to play as it is to listen to.” – Valley of Steel

Remote Viewing (2021)

“Let me just say first and foremost that I don’t hate this record. That seems like a terrible way to open a review, but let me state that’s sometimes a difficult effort in this day and age. But let me tell you that this record is in fact not bullshit and I’d love to see these guys play live. But you know, that’s an impossibility. I’ve been banned from entering the country. I don’t want to go into details but let’s just say that it’s got a lot to do with trying to ship salami over the border and leave it at that.

Okay look, maybe this is getting better the more I drink, but let me tell you that when I first started out I said to myself that this was a great record to drink to. Now I think it’s absolutely phenomenal. I’m on number 3 and I’m throwing BFF on again for like, the third time tonight. I don’t know what it is but this kind of gives me this weird vibe like Dillinger Escape Plan meets Bison BC. I don’t know why, man. Maybe it’s the canned beverages talking but I think another drink.

Alright so what’s cool about this record is the fact that they’re a stoner rock band but know how to riff hard. And look I know I said that already but fuckin throw on BFF and tell me that doesn’t kick your ass. Okay I’m ready for another drink now.

Alright so here we go and I’m gonna throw on track 7 or whatever. What’s this one called? Yeah it’s called Graveyard. I’m a big fan of Graveyard. And this one’s really reminiscent of Graveyard. I mean, maybe I think that because I’m four balls deep or whatever. I mean, Graveyard’s really into ripping off retro rock and Supercorrupter’s just here to fuckin riff or whatever. Look, man. I’m just going with my gut on this one. I’m gonna throw on BFF again.

Alright hold on, let me call up my ex-wife and let her know there’s an Office reference on this album. There’s a track called “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica”. I think she’d really dig on that. Look, she was great for me but it’s all over now. She’s moved on and that’s okay. I’ve still got my friends online and that’s okay. We’re all here to share the metaphorical wealth. The friend wealth.

Okay this song is pretty killer too. It reminds me of, uh, falling face down into a puddle. You guys ever do that? I did that once when I was on vacation. I was riding this BMX bike and the tire slipped in the rain. I hit a rock and went face first into this puddle. It was pretty gross. But I cleaned myself up and got over her. And you will too, man.

Alright so the next song’s called Graveyard and its pretty killer. It reminds me of that band Graveyard. But fuck Graveyard, am I right, man? It’s like, find your own fuckin sound and yeah I guess you could say the same for Supercorrupter but you know what? I’m feelin these riffs right now.

Oh wow I just looked at my computer and holy shit it turns out I’ve been writing everything out that was in my head. Why am I continuing to do this? I think this will potentially be embarrassing if anybody I know reads this. Oh dear god I hope nobody reads this. please if you see this just click on the link and listen to the music. for the love of god just listen to the music.

RIYL: Bison BC, 1000 Mods, Sleep, Queens of the Stone Age and most importantly RIFFS THE SIZE OF HEAVEN

ALSO FORGOT TO PUT DOWN Red Fang as an RIYL sorry” – Aaron M.