Live From Inside Your Melted Face

(2015) Live from our practice room and instrumental since we never tracked the vocals.

Supercorrupter Live Inside Your Melted Face Album Cover

Amps. Anecdotes. Annihilation.

(2016) Our debut EP, this collects the first six songs we wrote together as a group. It’s pretty awesome if you like big riffs, singing along, and having fun.

Supercorrupter Amps. Anecdotes. Annihilation. Album Cover

Remote Viewing

(2021) Five years after our debut EP, we hit the ground running with a noisier batch of tunes and 100% more in-your-face attitude. Shrieks of feedback, hints of Moog, and our usual brand of reckless riffing coming at ya in all three dimensions! It rules.


Paper Leviathan

Our final EP as The Gingerdead Men, this features Jon Reider on vocals and lead guitar on the opening song, Last Minutes. It’s rad.


The Forest And The Trees

Our sole LP as The Gingerdead Men, and our only complete set of recordings with Shaun on vocals. It rocks!



The second EP from Dhawa! Dhawa is the solo output of our bass player.