supercorrupter is rock and roll. With amps cranked, speaker cabs creaking at the seams, and drums on the verge of collapse, they deliver a high energy frenzy that’s sure to entertain a room or leave it sweaty from trying.

Emerging from the rotting husk of a former band (The Gingerdead Men) in 2013, they’ve been slinging riffs and wrecking necks ever since. Drawing on elements from noise rock to stoner metal, they have crafted a sound that has allowed them to mingle with both the weirdest of punks and the heaviest of stoners. The band is comprised of vocalist Nate Rader (American Rockstar, Showboy, etc.), bassist Jason Luchka (DeathCrawl), guitarists Keith Luchka and Kyle Childers, and drummer Jason Craig (Suspect, A Better Lie, etc.), and has played stages and basements across northeastern Ohio. They’ve shared those stages with bands like Jucifer, Karma To Burn, The Skull, Weedeater, and an endless array of Ohio-based underground A-Listers. supercorrupter released their debut, Amps. Anecdotes, Annihilation. in 2016 and the follow up, Remote Viewing, in 2021.

You can find supercorrupter on IG, Facebook, and Bandcamp!

Now, a little about this blog… we wanted an outlet to share more than just rad stuff about ourselves. To that end, you’ll find interviews with other bands, show reviews, and album reviews. Note that the album reviews are off-the-cuff gut reactions to the records in question. These reviews are written quickly while being listened to for the first couple of times. All interviews are equally off-the-cuff, with no predefined questions. We just let things take their own course. Enjoy!

1 thought on “About

  1. I have been checking out your blog. I love the off the cuff approach to reviews. It makes them more honest and focused. My band would like to submit to you for a spot on your review page.
    I have attached a link to our press kit and at the end of it is our bandcamp page.
    Let me know what you think.


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