Full disclosure, I’ve been Facespace friends with Garrett from Pistil since maybe 2009 or so after I drove down to Columbus to buy an Ampeg V6B 2×15 bass cab off of him and his roommate Aaron (both of whom comprised the band Before The Eyewall).  DeathCrawl later played a show with BTE at Annabell’s along with Mose Giganticus (with Garrett on second guitar!). Pistil is the latest project he’s been a part of, along with ex-members of Traitors Return To Earth and other bands. They put out an EP a year or so ago, and just released this single to give folks something to chew on between releases, I guess. It’s a tour de force of instrumental, melodic rock and roll.

The song sounds fantastic! The bass and drums sound like they’re live in the room with you, and the dual guitars sound beautifully warm and lush. There are sounds in this song that bring to mind a piano or synthesizer, but it could just as easily be effected guitar – in any case, it adds a sweet dimension to the song! This song certainly brings the thunder with a wonderfully polished sound that lets every note and drum hit ring out in crystal clarity.

Sure, instrumental post-rock has been everywhere in the last 20+ years, but Pistil does a great job of putting together a dynamic tune that runs through a number of vibes across it’s six-minute run time. It’s psychedelic, sure, but there’s also some riffiness here and there and I’m into it! Bob your head and zone out!


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