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It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been a year since I first ventured east to Youngstown to catch so many awesome bands play the Westside Bowl‘s first anniversary party. It’s been a wild year, for sure, and Westside Bowl continues to demand your attention by hosting some totally killer shows (including the Blackout Cookout!). Nate and his crew are creating something very special and they need your help to keep it going and to grow it even more!

So what can you do to help ensure the success of this awesome venue? Great question, and the easiest answer is the obvious one: Go to the shows they put on, ya dummy! In fact, if you’re looking for a good reason to check it out for the first time (or to go back after a few months of being a homebody, ya recluse), they’ve got the perfect opportunity coming up near the end of March! That’s right, it’s their Second Anniversary show, and its a stacked line-up.

Friday March 20 gives ya the ole razzle-dazzle with the likes of Fringe Candidate, Traders, Enhailer, Night Goat, Lo-Pan, Album, We, The Creature, and it’s topped off by All Souls. Righteous! A quick survey reveals plenty of hard core punk, sludge, stoner, and noise rock to keep you vibing pretty hard all night long. Dang!


Then, on Saturday, March 21 it unbelievably gets even BIGGER. That’s right, Fuzzbucket, Faking, Relaxer, goosed, Daggrs, Frayle, Lake Lake, and Rebreather all take turns delighting you in preparation for Atlanta’s own kings of noise, WHORES.! Can you even believe it? That’s a ton of metal, doom, prog, sleaze, sludge, and noise rock to temporarily fill that enormous void that consumes your every waking moment. I’ll say it again… DANG!


Cheese and crackers, folks, this line-up is not-to-be-missed-unless-you-are-unavoidably-out-of-town-that-weekend-like-me. Tickets for each day run $20 advance, $25 day of show… but you’ll want to opt for the $40 VIP weekend pass that probably includes a hug from Kenny or something.

Westside Bowl is located at 2617 Mahoning Ave. in beautiful Youngstown, OH.

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